Top 10 Ways to Find Deals Online


Ten ways to find great deals online.

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Top 10 Best Companies to Work For

Need a job? Whether you’re looking for your first career or a much needed change, it’s hard to know which jobs are good and which will make you feel like Peter Gibbons in Office Space. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to work. You’re welcome.

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So You Want to Work in Emerging Markets: Picking Your Destination Country

We live on a beautiful planet full of exciting countries, vibrant cultures and unique experiences. However, if you haven’t extensively traveled, picking a destination for your first international work experience can be an intimidating exercise. There is a plethora of information out there, often far too much to digest easily, and the hours upon hours of potential research may seem so daunting that you don’t know where to start.

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#SXSW: Don’t Miss the ValleyGirl.TV and Party

For everyone heading to SXSW this year (or for those of you watching the event unfold on twitter #sxsw), lalawag is pleased to announce that ValleyGirl.TV will be co-hosting a party with LA-based on Friday, March 11 (that’s tomorrow!) from 7PM-10PM.

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#SXSW: The Valley Girl Boxes with Mike Tyson


As party of the “Mike Tyson Main Event” mobile game launch, the team from mobile App company RockLive set up a boxing ring at the ScreenBurn Arcade. Yesterday, Jesse Draper, the Valley Girl, took on a costumed version of the [...]

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How to Get the Best Oscars Experience Online


Everyone has their Oscars traditions, but here are a few things that can enhance your experience this year.

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Young Africa Live: An Interview with the Praekelt Foundation


The following is post 2 of 3 in an interview series put together by guest writer Josiah Filler on mobile solutions in South Africa. Please refer to the first post here. Josiah had a chance to sit down with Praekelt Foundation’s Chief Engineer, Simon de Haan and here is what transpired.

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Neuroscience: A Threat to U.S. National Security?


A study sponsored by the Defense Intelligence Agency explained that “technological advancements in specific fields of neuroscience have implications for U.S. national security.” What will this mean for California’s neurotechnology companies? The report described advances in areas such as brain-machine [...]

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Mobile Tech in Africa: An Interview with the Praekelt Foundation


The Praekelt Foundation is the non-profit arm of successful Johannesburg technology consulting company Praekelt Consulting. Founded by Endeavor-sponsored “high-impact entrepreneur” Gustav Praekelt, this non-profit organization is focused on using its for-profit expertise, especially mobile-based technology, to raise awareness about issues [...]

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